Friday, October 02, 2009

Journal Entry

I've become a Pharisee through the past few years. I do "everything" "right". Adventist college, active in ministry, getting good grades, planning my life out like a good goal-setter, committing (well, attempting to commit) a year of my life to mission... I'm following all the laws, but not the LAW. Over and over I ask God to tell me what to change in my life, and over and over again He tells me to humble myself and be a servant. Service was at the heart of Jesus' ministry; He served others more often than He preached sermons. The more I put others before myself, the more I feel like I've actually taken care of myself, and I have.
Less of me >> more to me.
I feel closer to God each time I serve others. This improves my relationship with Him. And if my relationship with Christ doesn't affect others, there is something seriously wrong.

God, remind me of Your priorities in my life. Help me put others first in all I do and become more like You.