Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Decisions, Decisions...

Hello hello!

After a long hiatus from mass emailing, you have received yet another digitized warm fuzzy. I just figured I'd offer a quick update on student missions.

  • My missions call fell through last year (in August)
  • I came back to Andrews as a junior pre-PT major
  • I finished one semester (and I liked it)
  • I re-completed my Adventist Volunteers application
  • I finished all of my paperwork (which is a major hurdle in and of itself)

Here's what I haven't done: chosen a call. With the completion of my stack of forms and signatures, it's time to submit my application – with preferred call location attached. A tentative deadline for this choice has been set for Wednesday; that's tomorrow. After three call choices fell through last year, I've played it safe and chosen nearly a dozen calls, but now have to prioritize them.

I am unabashedly soliciting your thoughts and prayers as I try to make a decision that I feel unworthy to make. Thanks. :)