Monday, August 24, 2009

Journal Entry

First day back at Andrews. The dreaded explaining-why-I'm-here-not-there hasn't been too bad. I think I've adjusted pretty well. Problem is, I feel people needy and drained and exhausted. I don't know. Even though things are going my way, I feel as though my vim and vigor are gone. What heck? Though most of my friends are here, I miss the ones there (West Coast) immensely. It feels as though I've been here much longer than a day.

I've been questioning myself. A lot. Could I really be a caring SM? Would I have what it takes? Would I be a vocal/visible/obvious witness for Christ? I feel less and less sure. I'm ready to be sure of something. Well, I'm sure of this: Jesus Christ is my Savior and Friend. He can and will sustain me. I must surrender. ALL. Goodbye, pride. Hello humility.
Lord, help me.

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