Sunday, June 19, 2011

Check the Microwave

Have you looked in your microwave? You should look in your microwave.

I woke up early to bid adieu to a few departing juniors. Note to readers: the junior class is in my top four favorite classes. Really really. However, in this group of a few departing juniors was an apartment raiding, chalkboard graffiti-ing, water bottle "thieving" girl who taught me Tagalog. I went to bed last night, dreading the goodbye this morning, but this morning was simply a sleepy hug and a few final words:

You should look in your microwave.

Aren't goodbyes supposed to be full of deep, philosophical thoughts, or happy, unforgettable memories? I wasn't quite expecting microwaves.

When I got back to my apartment to check el microonda, I was only slightly surprised to find my sunglasses inside. The apartment raiding, water bottle thieving, sunglasses misplacing girl had struck again.

I think those final words were more fitting than anything else I'd dreamed up.

Bye Goose.

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