Thursday, April 08, 2010

Journal Entry

All this waiting, all this praying, all this angst, all this learning, all this worrying, all this mess... and now it's Kenya.

I can't believe how speechless I am, how thought-less. My mind is blank, but in a very peaceful way. SM destination questions have become a part of my life. I've become afraid to envision myself somewhere for fear of losing it. But now... it finally works out. I guess I'm uust not realizing that I'm going, that I'll be gone for a year, that I won't be in school (well, taking classes...).

Boy, did I run from teaching. And now I'm excited about it.

I feel emotionless. Well, no; I feel at ease. Pleasantly happy. I don't know. It's inexpressible. It passes understanding.

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