Monday, May 30, 2011

A Drop in the Bucket

I'm preparing to move halfway around the world.

It's big (gargantuan, monstrous) changes like this that make me take one step back and look at life as it is. To look at more than the day to day, more than the petty worries of today, and shift my focus to the wide-eyed uncertainty of the future.

I don't like thinking about life. It scares me.
It's easier to remain blissfully ignorant, to be caught up in the present.

Now, though, I'm forced to consider myself in the grand scheme of things, in a circle much broader than the one I'm comfortable with, to think of myself in an eternal capacity. I cannot comprehend it, so it scares me. A lot.
I am a small grain of sand in a huge sand dune. As much as I like to think that I'm important (Water!), I'm quite insignificant (a drop in the bucket).


Hello, introspection.

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kessia reyne said...

I very highly recommend Isaiah 40 to your significant/insignificant self :)