Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Concert 2011

Spring Concert. May 21, 2011.
Boy oh boy was there a lot of practice leading up to it. Shew.

We'd used our super-secret super-spy methods the week leading up to the concert to get a huge card and a bouquet of flowers to surprise the music director after the final song. I'd talked to Brianna and Ricky and asked them to present the gifts. Wha-bam! Surprise! I was feeling pretty sly.

In the hour before the concert, I went to the music building to do some final practicing for the accompaniments I had for the evening. However, this is practicing for a spring concert in KENYA; it can't be normal.

I'd just sat down at the piano in practice room #2 and gotten through a couple pages when the lights went out. 10...9...8...7... The generator didn't kick in after its usual 10 second delay. Hmm. No use wasting perfectly good practice time! I pulled out my phone - purchased in Kenya for $25 - and turned on the flashlight (coolest feature ever!), then popped the phone in my mouth. Gross, I know, but I was desperate. I spent the next 45 minutes drooling around a phone in my mouth as the power went in and out. You gotta do what you gotta do...

Concert time. I was warming my spot on the piano bench when the music director gave me some last-minute directions. "Don't play the final song right away; I want to make a presentation to the [faculty family that is leaving next week]." Okie doke. No playage until presentationage. Gotcha.

"Ronito! For  involvement in music programs..."
"Franchezka! For involvement in music programs..."
"Mr. Tyson Kahler! For helping out in our Wind Ensemble and being emcee..."

Wait a minute. Tyson is NOT in the family that is leaving...

"And last, but not least..."


"Jessica, for helping at the piano."

I stood up from the piano and began making my way through the choir, which had erupted into cheers. Students turned to face me as they made a path through, smiling and clapping.

"I try to check up on Jessy to make sure that I am not overwhelming her when I give her 9 pieces, then 12 pieces, and more, but she learned them and is still going to prepare a set for graduation. She kept quiet last semester, or I would have used her then, too."

Brianna came out of a side room with a bouquet of flowers and a smile; "Mrs. Salibio came to me right after you told me where to get her flowers from. I was super confused! Haha."

Pretty sure that's only the third time I've ever gotten flowers.

I made my way back through the choir to the piano for the final song. One of the tenors asked, "Can you get any pinker?"

I guess flowers and public appreciation make me blush a little... :)

Spring Concert 2011. That's a mental picture that will go in my forever photo album.

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