Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

Marriage = green card.
Marriage = popularity and fame.
Marriage = Jessica's near future?

Daniel speaking with 60s-man
Meet Daniel. A couple weeks ago, three hearty men (in their 20s, 30s, and 60s respectively) and one ill-informed lady took to the hills for a Sabbath afternoon trek. Daniel is from the Maasai village, a friend of the 30s-man. Daniel offered to show us around the hills.
Jessica is an mzungu (foreigner, European, white person, etc.). Jessica is also a female. These two qualities combine to make a prime candidate for a wife.

"So, Jaysca; you are not married?"
"Nope. Not yet..."
"And you live in the United States?"
"Yep! In cold Wisconsin."
"I've always wanted to visit America...will you be married soon?"
"Uh, um, yes! As soon as I get back home. Yep."
"Oh. ...You have friends?"

Oh boy.
I wonder how many cows I'm worth?

Change scenes from Maasai hills to the Central Nairobi post office. The supervisor (of what, I'm unsure) has offered to "assist" roommate Cassie and I.
The package that led me to meet my second suitor.

"Now, you are both from the United States? You are not married? Now, is it OK if I ask if I could have one of you?"
"Uh, no! Uh, what would my boyfriend think of that?" says Cassie.
"Oh, a boyfriend?"
"Um, uh, uh, yeah! Mine too. He'd never let me leave home again." Jess sputters.
"You have boyfriends? Ah. Where are they?"
"Oh, uh, mine's in the States."
"And mine's in the States too...kind of."

Cassie and Jessica smile and nod convincingly, stifling giggles that would betray their true single status..

"Oh. I see. Well, I am always looking for an American girl. If I brought her home to visit my mother, everyone in my town would come see her! You will look for one for me, yes? Now, Jessica, as I have assisted you, will you take me to lunch?"
"Nah...I don't have the money!"
"Not even for a soda?"

Yikes. These guys are persistent if nothing else.


Hannah said...

Haha! I've not had to deal with that.

Although I did get propositioned while taking the trash out by the fence once. I wasn't sure whether he was asking or offering, but neither option was appealing.

Violetta said...

You made me laugh=)

But it's true! Even Ukrainian mzungu costs some cows... Yeah...

Just another experience... and imaginary boyfriend back home=)

It makes Kenya mission more interesting: you'll never in your life get as many proposals as during 10 month here=)

So... go for it!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should send a picture of a boy here, really handsome and you can show everyone your "boyfriend." Funny but I got propositioned when I worked at Wood Goods... He wasn't from Africa either :S I bet Daniel would make a nice addition to our family :) you can never have to many Daniels in a family.

Lorali C. said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh =) Kinda reminded me of when I went to Guatemala a few yrs ago to preach. I even had women trying to set me up w/ the single men from church!