Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ahh, the Power of Cheese

What am I doing right now? Enjoying a little piece of heaven.

Even I had forgotten how absolutely wonderful Wisconsin cheese's a good thing there's no one else in my apartment to witness my face-stuffing, finger-licking snarfage. Oh wow. It's like a candy bar, but better. I can only bear to eat a small chunk at a time. Oooh the sharp bite! The rich aroma! The slightly squeaky texture! Mystery friend from Union who sent me this taste of Wisconsin, you are loved. Oh so much.

Happiness. Wrapped.

Merry Christmas. Seriously.

(Santa agrees with me: watch this)


scott young said...

You Wisconsin people and your cheese! It cracks me up! I mean, its ok I guess...Hahaha! Each state has something has something to call its own I suppose. I once got in an argument with a Californian on whose Oranges were better-theirs or Floridas. Just for the record, Florida's are. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Hannah said...

Oh, Jess. I am SO jealous! I can't explain how much I miss cheese, but I'm sure you'll understand, or at least have a good imagination.