Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Night 'Fore December

'Twas the night 'fore December, and really quite swell:
'Twas Jessica's town day; time to rest for a spell.

First she and roomie sped off to the store,
Unfortunate parking left a vehicle sore.
Their countenance dimmed and their spirits more lowly,
They pulled into Nakumatt's parking SO slowly.

Quick shopping returned them to school in a flash
Fifteen minutes late for the piano bash.

Jess listened with pleasure to hear students start
Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, and even Mozart.
She enjoyed every moment, and when it was o'er,
She turned to her apartment for an afternoon snore.

No snoozing awaited in her apartment once bare;
It was time for a deco fest, to make house guests stare!
The festive doorway
Reindeer and snowflakes and bulbs doors adorned
To combat a sickness of those home-forlorned*.

Now all too soon it was time for the game
When Ms. Jess would suit up, not looking the same.
Her mask she would don and her pads she'd arrange...
For a floor hockey goalie she didn't look strange.

A minute hand's trip round the clock time had passed;
The Lightning were down 7-1 at the last.
Jess cleaned up alone and scurried to dinner,
Wishing oh wishing that she were the winner.

Upon her arrival to the bustling café
Her roommate rushed out, meeting halfway.
"It's our night for worship!" she cried with a rasp;
"Tonight?? In an hour?" dear Jess' voice gasped.

Others 'round her were eating, but she just could not –
Appetite disappeared for a pizza served hot.
She dashed to the place where the meetings are held;
There held her hands still and her nervousness quelled.

They picked out three songs in the span of a minute –
Each one was chosen for three chords within it.
D, G, and A: an accompanist's friends
When she's simply a pianist who fully pretends.

Jess' topic of Tofu was chosen last second,
Recycled from Improv when last minute beckoned.
"You taste like your friends, so choose wisely now!
"If you hang out with pigs, you'll taste like a sow."

She stayed up real late to prepare for the 'morrow,
She's quite sure it's packed full of grief, strife and sorrow.

All that's now happened was December's eve.
December 1st you just won't believe...

Jess woke up and showered and dressed to the buttons;
The chores on her plate were far, far from nuttin'.
She hurriedly prepped for her afternoon classes
To sub for a friend's test to drive with the masses.

Elementary it was, but not Dr. Watson:
3rd, 4th through 6th, and a girl from Wisconsin.
It was fun! It was grand! But it ate up the morning.
Soon it was lunchtime; it seemed without warning.

She scarfed her food quickly and ran to the lab
Surprisingly Jess was still feeling quite fab.
Chem I came and went, followed right by Chem II,
Just one Physics lab and the day's almost through!

4:20 bell sounds, and she's off with a dash –
Meets the maintenance man who's shaved his mustache.     (No Shave November's met its end!)
She's Clark Kent of science as she ducks in her room:
Seconds later she's out in her PE duds; zoom!

Jess jogs into class with no minute to spare,
But does not find all of her girl students there.
She's tempted to "tardy" but is feeling quite gracious:
Her students' malingering is far from malacious*.

An hour has passed; skipping rope, giggles too:
Ms. Jessica's day of days is almost through!
She cleans up the gym, eats her food, cleans the lab...
Comp lab supervision is last on her tab.

Then she goes for a run to let off some steam:
Five minutes, ten minutes, twelve and fifteen.
Thirty-five is the finish, and the end of her play –
PTL she can look back and say, "Great good day!"

Now if you're feeling just like your day's overwhelming,
There're bills to be paid, and the children are yell(m)ing*:
Don't forget Who knows all of His plans just for you:
"I know them," He says; "Let Me help you through."

*No. These are not words. But I am also not a poet. Deal with it.

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Kade said...

Thanks for the thought Jess. I needed it.