Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Journal Entry

I am so very blessed.
I have not one, not two, but many wonderful friends.
I have a couple close friends whom I love and am loved by.
I have th coolest family makeup ever.
My schooling is more or less free.
There's a pretty amazing person that loves Jesus and seems to like me too.
I have  ahuge network of people across the world who are willing to and desire to help me out, to make my life better.
I have a bright future, without major struggles.
My volunteer job is a fit for me.
God's gifted me with more creativity than I thought I had.
20 years from now, I may very well be in heaven. Whoa. Weird. Wacky... AMAZING.

God, sustain me for the next four months. Prepare me for the ministry you've got in store. Equip me. Use me. Give me a servantile, willing attitude. Thank you.


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