Friday, February 04, 2011

Update #25: SB XLV

Hmph. I dislike writing when I don't have anything especially intelligent to say. Today is one of those times. But alas, I haven't updated the masses for weeks, and things that have happened are building up and spilling over.

First: I returned from Egypt for a week of R&R (aka utter laziness). I enjoyed myself immensely, but have nothing to show for it.

When I got back from Egypt, I discovered with glee/elation/jubilation that the Packers had won three games straight and earned themselves a Conference playoff berth. All semester, I'd felt relatively naked on Packer Sundays, with only my baseball cap bearing the green & gold "G" logo. I decided that it was unacceptable to watch the NFC championship wearing only this item, so I caught a ride to Rongai and purchased a youth-sized Packer jersey. A bona fide miracle, I figured. My first Packers jersey, purchased for 400Ksh ($5) from a stick and canvas booth on the side of road in an East African village. Maybe I can get some Packer fan points for that...
I stayed up all night in order to watch the NFC Championship game between the Packers and Bears. "Historic" is an understatement, as is "intense". I was scarcely breathing while watching the 3min streaming, 10min buffering, and repeat stream I found and continuously refreshed. The Pack shut down a comeback attempt by the Bears and their third-string QB and I was silently cheering in the solitary darkness of my apartment at 2:30am.

Stone fish.
"The most venomous fish in the world"
Since the MAA faculty & staff hit the road at 4am, I simply didn't sleep before loading the bus for the 10-hr ride to the coast. We were to spend the week at Watamu Adventist Beach Resort for strategic planning...and snorkeling. I was reminded that I a) despise conflict, which breeds and thrives in strategic planning meetings, and b) am a fish out of water when it comes to oceans. The salty water mass downright freaks me out. "Watch out for stone fish! If you touch one, it could kill you. And you can't even see them, they're so camouflaged." Thank you. I will know lock myself in my room, far from the ocean and its saltiness and urchins and jellyfish and evil homicidal fish. Still, I tackled snorkeling thrice (once at night, with a flashlight), and saw some pretty cool stuff...but I still like land better. But hey, I'm still alive, and emerged from strategic planning relatively unscathed (and quite proud of our group's accomplishments).

Indian Ocean - Watamu, Kenya
A weekend back at MAA, then it was time for (dun dun dunnnn!) Semester 2. Students began arriving on Sunday to prepare for Tuesday classes. Equally exciting was the reopening of the cafeteria; between traveling and infrequent grocery runs, roommate Cassie and I had been living on pasta and rice for multiple days. My body was crying out for anything with color. Hooray! Students AND food; happiness defined.

Now it's Friday. I'm sitting in the library for a quiet study hall period (students are still in "halo" mode; no trouble yet) and looking forward to lunch in 12 minutes. A weekend off, with the Super Bowl on Sunday/Monday. Pretty sure the principal would force me to bed if she knew I am planning to wake up at 2:30am to watch a sporting event on a school day. :D

In other news, I've finally chosen a return date: June 21. That seems so far, but 4 months seems so short! Wow...I can't believe my time in Kenya is half-over. Crazy. But this June 21 return date means Jessica can attend the 2nd weekend of Wisconsin Campmeeting! Which means you ALL should be there. ALL of you. Yes please. :) This is the part of the story where you pull out your planner and pencil June 24-26 into your schedule....


P.S. Andrews had a snowday on Wednesday. Unfair.
My students decided that we should have a "sun day". I think they're right.

P.P.S. How could I forget?!? Upon my return from Egypt, the package storehouse of heaven was opened, and I had three packages waiting in the office. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, all in one! Cassie and I got a kick out of opening our Thanksgiving meal from Andrews in January, and now have 4 cans of Fri-Chik in our cupboard (after eating 2). I'll never understand the Kenyan postal system...

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