Monday, March 21, 2011

It reminded me...

I saw the moon tonight
As you will see it
When your night comes.

It was slightly squished on one side
You will see the squish, too, but
It might be on a different side since
You're standing upside down.

It reminded me . . .

You said He'd take you to see it
Over the lake;
I saw it over the savanna.
It is the same moon.
It seemed so close I could reach it
But I could not.

I sat on the path to
Watch it.
I knew where it would go,
What it would do,
Almost as if I were
A part of it.

It reminded me . . .

The crickets sang to
The Moon
Just as songs are pulled from
The ebony and ivory

Today by my fingers;
Tomorrow by yours;
And by both in just
A few moons from now.

It reminded me . . .

A cloud slouched by and
Blocked its light.
I forgot - for a moment - what was hidden
And was sad.

Then, reappearing,
It rose and gleamed with
Stoic, unwavering, indescribable

It reminded me . . .

It rose steadily higher,
Getting smaller and smaller, it seemed
Beyond my grasp.
But soon
It would be morning
And I would lose sight
As you gained it.
Ever watchful
of the pale yellow moon;
Full of light

It reminded me of you.