Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Xander's Paper Lanterns

The world through the mind of a six-year-old . . .

Xander: Ms. Jessica, you wanna learn how to make a lantern?
Ms. Jessica: Sure.
X: Ok. Here's your sheet of paper. But you need SCISSORS...
J: Erm. I don't have any.
X: Ok. I can always get one from *there* (points to and tromps toward library office). Here. Now fold it in half...
One of THE paper lanterns
J: Lengthwise?
X: No, hot dog.
J: Oh.
X: Then unfold it and fold it in half; burger.
J: So burger is the opposite fold of hot dog.
X: Ummmmm, no; hot dog is in half this way and burger is in half this way.
J: Yes. Of course. I knew that.
X: Ok, now you cut it in strips like this, but not to the edge.
J: Could I tear it instead?
X: Well, it would be best not to....
J: Oh. Ok. I'll wait for the scissors.
X: Now you open it up and make a circle, then (grunt) staple (tongue out) it *WHAM!* Boy, this doesn't really want to staple...*WHAM. WHAM WHAM!*
Then you stand it up on end...see? It's like a lantern!
J: Yeah! And you could put a light inside to make it like a real lantern!
X: No, you shouldn't. It would probably catch on fire.
J: You're right. I'll just look at it.

Xander the paper lanternist

A few minutes later...

Xander: Did I tell you that you're going to be happy cuz there's gonna be another recital?
Ms. Jessica: Ooooh! So I can come hear you play piano?
X: Yep!
J: Can I cheer and yell? Or should I just clap?
X: Well...*thinks*....you could cheer AND clap. There's no rule against cheering on campus. Right?
J: Right.

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How Sweet!

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