Saturday, March 26, 2011


This is not an insect.
This is evil hidden under a gleaming black exoskeleton.

Hannibal can smell fear. It can also smell blue.

If you were to crush this creature - a feat of strength, to be sure - the sound of its demise would register as seismic activity (magnitude 4.9).
Yes. That is a genuine look of
disgust, with a hint of terror.

Once, this six-legged ick was spotted in the East. Godzilla ran away.

If it were pitted in a match against Billy the Kid, it would win.
Billy didn't like monsters. 

The only hope against such a being is Chuck Norris (and even he gets the heebie jeebies).

Hannibal has multiple passports. Only five countries in the world cover enough landmass to accomodate its antennae.
Shortly before it snapped my
pen in two, using only its
compound eyes.
Shortly before Derek's hand met its
hannibalistic demise.

The hooks found on the tip of each leg are capable of landing a 450lb halibut.

In 1968, the jaws of this arthropodic behemoth were used to extract a woman in Great Britain from car wreckage. (This led to the development of the Jaws of Life.)

This, this thing spins its web of ugly fascination, luring its prey closer and closer to its jointed, quivering antennae until it can fasten its hooked feet on flesh and unleash its mandibles of mayhem.

It hisses, too.


Pretty cool to look at, if you ask me.
(...from a safe distance; say, 3 km?)


kessia reyne said...

...says the girl who stood with her head 6 inches from the black beast.

Anonymous said...

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