Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Positives...

Inah: "Can I just stay for a bit?" after she finished her lab.
Chillin with Inah in the cafeteria
She comes to stand by me while I grade, watching the photo screensaver on my MacBook, making short comments sporadically. She turns to draw on the chalkboard.

"Is this red or pink?" she asks as she draws a curlicue.
"Good question. Magenta?"
"Hmmm. Yeah."

Moments pass. I finish grading a few more papers.

"Jessica M. Stotz...what does the M stand for?"
I tell her. I glance at the board. My name is printed in all caps in purple and red/pink/magenta. I smile.
Four more papers graded...I look at the board again. Now my name is in rainbow colors, with fruits and vegetables in colors to match.
"Eggplant! That's an eggplant by my name!"
She quickly grabs the eraser. "Do you like eggplants?"
"They're fine, I guess. Most times."
"Oh. Ok. ...there's a carrot. And you like apples?"
"I LOVE apples. Seriously."
She smiles. I smile.

I like smiling.

Sabrina (and Paula)
Sabrina: "I mean, I was a model. Seriously. Raymond! Come here! So what was I saying? Modeling? Yeah, I modeled once...You know how sometimes you talk so much and so fast you start speaking in this accent or something? (laughs) Yeah. I do that. Like now, right? I have an accent? Yeah. You know? Right....Raymond! Ok. Come closer Raymond. I'm not going to yell at you. (whispers) Ok. Go play some more. [Jessica gets called away to the ball closet] Miss Jessica! We'll wait for you. We have more to talk about, right? Right. And you know, I don't just wait for anyone. So we'll wait. Right Gaby?"

Wit mah Bliss
"Miss Jessica?"
"You should be thankful."
"Because you're you."
"Oh, well, uh, thanks Bliss!"
"Yeah! You're all fun and stuff."

Maybe I can put these girls in my luggage to come home...I can only hope, right?

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