Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Driving in Kenya!

I'm sure there's a line between blogging and oversharing, and I'm sure I've crossed that line if not walked it. But there are so many new things to encounter and experience and live! I'm sure this stage will soon give way to a blog-once-in-a-blue-moon phase (get it? Blue moon? Moon phase? Ha! Corniness can cross oceans). But anywho...

A typical jam of matatus
I drove in Kenya! And there are sweaty finger dents on the steering wheel of the navy blue school van to prove it. I climbed into the right side of the car, backed out of a diagonal space to the left, and made a right turn into traffic, then proceeded down the left side of the road. I hate driving in city traffic in the States; shoot, I generally dislike driving. And U.S. drivers don't generally cut you off. Or ride the curb to pass you. Or share one lane with you. Or pass you when there is an oncoming car. Or pull out in front of you. Or...well, it's very different. VERY different. Poor Mr. Raymond - my driving evaluator - probably felt he was going to go off the shoulder many more times than the once we actually did. Whew. I'm still shaking. But we are alive! And so are all of the pedestrians and matatu passengers and donkeys and goats and baboons. We offered a heartfelt prayer of praise as soon as the vehicle parked in front of the MAA Ad Building. Hallelujah.

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