Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Journal Entry

I haven't found a routine yet, and that's really affecting me. I can't even seem to go to bed. No ritual, no closing to my day... I'm sitting in bed with a headlamp because I already turned out the lights, but don't want to go backwards. Ha.

I had a little "Out of Your Element" experience today. I was sick of being so judgmental, particularly of Cassie. I've had a bad attitude. These staff meetings are draining and I was convinced she was going to take over my PE room job. REally, I'm sure she's just as uncomfortable as I am and expresses it differently from me. A Voice whispered to me, "You're out of your element. It's OK. You don't have to be OK with everything yet."
Whew! I've been feeling better and better ever since. Let's see how I feel AFTER staff meeting tomorrow. :/
Nope! None of that. Good attitude. Positive. Cool.
Thanks for knowing me, God. Thou dost rock mine stockings. :)

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