Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Screensaver Blessing

I have a Mac. Upon my Mac, I put a tic-tac. Ok, not true, but it sounded like a nursery rhyme...more or less. No worries, I'm not going into nursery rhyming.

I have a Mac. Upon my Mac, I have many, many pictures. Upon my Mac, I have a screensaver that cycles through the last six months of those pictures. Upon my Mac, I have a screensaver that reminds me how blessed I am.

Some pictures scroll across the screen and I smile; others remind me of moments semi-forgotten; still others tug a little at my heart strings.

There are so many things I've gotten to do, and so few I've had to!
  • Won a hockey tournament
  • Looked out from Lookout Mtn. with two of my four favorite sisters.
  • Helped consume a blamo-sized container of CheezBalls.
  • Went to SeaWorld with one of my four favorite sisters.
  • Waterskied and found adventure & strange hikers in the mountains of California with one of my favorite lady friends.
  • Sold bread in the market during Jesus' triumphal entry (with two of my favorite ladies).
  • Went to a Phi Kappa Phi banquet with two freaking soshies.
  • Flew kites with one of the coolest girls ever.
  • Laughed and smiled.
  • Had some blamo-sized Improv times with a dozen of my favorite people.
  • Performed Beethoven's 9th Symphony with a full choir and orchestra to a packed house.
  • Slurped slushies and enjoyed a midnight meal in the men's residence hall with my German and Californian friends.
  • Multiple Culver's runs.
  • Laughed and smiled.
  • Built a snowwoman (named Arletta Sue) in May.
  • Was witness to (and filmed) The Slipperiest Bass, starring the fourth of my four favorite sisters.
  • Watched the sun set over Lake Superior with my favorite family ever.
  • Watched the Twins annihilate the Rangers in their new stadium (with 4 of my favorite family members).
  • Worked Played at camp.
    • Found new friends.
    • Dressed up as an Irish hick clown.
    • Laughed and smiled.
    • Rode the SkyCycle.
    • Saw Jesus.
    • Mini-golfed on an underground-3D-glow-in-the-dark-aquarium course.
    • Belayed stuffed monkeys.
    • Belayed small children.
    • Belayed large children.
    • Dressed up as a man.
    • Changed into another man.
    • Changed back into man #1 in 20 seconds.
    • Laughed and smiled.
    • Took a late-night golf cart tour by light of a headlamp.
    • Became a little Dutch girl (sproiken doika!).
    • Sang as part of an amazing octet of seven.
    • Saw Jesus.
    • Helped Team Fun achieve paintball victory.
    • Viewed the world from a Devil's Lake mountaintop.
    • Ukuleleized.
    • Laughed and smiled.

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