Monday, August 16, 2010

Jambo from Kenya!

Jambo, friends and family!

This is Jessica (that one girl from Wisconsin), hailing from Nairobi, Kenya! Unreal. Short update: I’ve arrived. I’m safe. I’m in one piece. I’ve encountered lots of security, an episode involving my carry-on, restless leg syndrome, 7 and 8.5 hr flights, flight attendants who ask for my “rubbish”, a large Syrian man guarding me from the aisle, enough ear popping to rival a box of Rice Krispies, luggage lost for 2 days, jet lag, a Kenyan mall, a frustrating alarm clock, a 6 mile hike through the bush, herds of goats and their goatherds, and missionaries from all over the world.
Long version: Too long. I've been working on an email update in installments while waiting for internet access. Your email inbox would probably burst with an email of that length, so I broke it up into installments and posted it here on my blog (see below). This way, any eye injury sustained due to those posts is no fault of mine. ;)

Crowned Crane similar to one I saw on our Sabbath hike
First, I'll try to answer all of the questions:
- Location/mailing address: Maxwell Adventist Academy // Private Bag Mbagathi // Nairobi, Kenya 00503
- Apartment: somewhat spacious and completely lovely. Living room, kitchen, bathroom shared with fellow SM Cassie. Bedroom to myself. I'd have all my friends over if I had a set-up like this at AU.
- Weather: PERFECT (70º, no bugs, no humidity). They tell me this is winter. They also tell me that the temperature doesn't vary much from 75º year-round. I am skeptical, yet they have proven themselves honest in other areas.
- Food: Delicious! Haven't really had any Kenyan food yet; very international dishes. Potatoes/bread/rice/all of the above at every meal. Jessica and her palate are pleased.
- Sleep: I think I'm finally caught up. 24 hrs of travel and an 8 hr time jump didn't make the first couple of days easy.
- People: super nice and outgoing and eager to introduce themselves to you. Jambo! Karibu to Kenya.
- Time: 8 hours later than CDT
- Jobs: Science tutor, science lab assistant, PE instructor, yearbook advisor
- Internet: Connection in my apartment. Skype works well! Even when the internet's down...trippy.
- Wildlife: Roadside, I've seen one baboon and packs of donkeys. In the brush, I've seen numerous birds and about a dozen Thomson's gazelles that live on the campus.

I'm sure that doesn't answer all of the questions, but it's a start. :D

I feel as though I'm floating on all of your prayers! Thanks for your encouragement and thoughts and support. I can't wait to hear what adventures are knocking at your doorstep! Keep me updated.



Violettik said...

Hi! I like reading how you see all of the things we're experience here! I do enjoy your style!

And the good piece of the cake is that if I say: "See you tomorrow" it means I'll see you tomorrow=) and that is good isn't it?


Debbie said...

Hi Jess, I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. I feel like I am there! I'm so very happy for you.

kessia reyne said...

Those were good updates! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you've got a nice set up there. Glad you're enjoying good weather. Here in Berrien we've been under lots of humidity, high temperatures, sporadic cloud cover, and swarms of mosquitos. I could go for a little Jambo!