Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Drawing the Line

One of the things I've found most difficult this year has been finding the line between self-preservation and selfishness. Many of my former SM friends – friends that were formerly SMs, not SMs who were formerly friends – warned me that I'd have to learn to say "no" before going abroad, or I'd be worked into the ground under a load of 76 hats of responsibility.

I fear I've taken the "just say no" a little too far. Then again, maybe I haven't.

Welcome to the battle raging in Jessica's mind.

When do I jump in? When do I say no? When have I crossed from preserving my sanity to hoarding my talents for myself?

Perhaps I should approach life at Maxwell in a different light: Just Say Yes. I've got a pretty handy Life Preserver who's looking out for the best interests of more than just Jessica. If I get rid of self and its ishness, He'll take care of the preservation. (Sans formaldehyde.)


Anonymous said...

Listen always for The Still Small Voice.

kessia reyne said...

"self and its ishness" -- best line ever. Love ya, Jessica!

And about the responsibilities, take on only that which you can do well, with peace, and with praise :)

Violetta said...

I thought it would be about how Tyson has drawn lines for American football...

...but it's about something else...=)

Hope, He'll help you with your lines,