Saturday, October 23, 2010


I was reviewing my measly journal entries from the past year or so, and stumbled across this:
Monday 8/24/09
I've been questioning myself. A lot. Could I really be a caring SM? Would I have what it takes? Would I be a vocal/visible/obvious witness for Christ? I feel less and less sure. I'm ready to be sure of something.
I'm finally sure I've found the answers to these questions.
Mmm, gumdrops. They look so good! But once you chomp down on them, they're really disappointing. The pretty colors, the cute bite-size shape, lining them up like little people...I'm pretty sure no one would even look at them if not for their tantalizing, sparkling, diamond sugar coating. I mean, anything covered in sugar has to be good, right? But the inside is awful. How many kids suck on gumdrops until the sugar coating's gone, then spit them out again? (How many adults wish they could?)

I'm pretty awful inside. Gooey, tasteless, and a lingering stuck-in-your-teeth nuisance. I might be proud of a vibrant reputation or the perfect shape to fit the task, but it becomes more and more apparent that I need to layer on the Jesus sugar coating daily. I don't want students and faculty to see me or to get a taste of how human I can be; I want them to taste and see Jesus. The longer I wait before dunking myself into the good stuff, the thinner the coating gets and the more likely the disappointing parts are to show through.

I want to make Jesus proud of His gumdrop buttons.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. [Ps. 34:8] 
Fo shizzle.

I can't be a good SM. But I know Who can cover up my bad spots and make life sweet.

Get your Jesus on.



Anonymous said...

Love it!

Violetta said...


I'm not sure that your answers are exactly honest...

I like your idea...

...and...thank you for sharing=)