Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Journal Entry

I saw a man...
How can I change anything?
I've lived my whole life sheltered from the outside, non-SDA world. Even now, as a student missionary, I live in a gated compound that aims to keep thieves and animals out, but serves only to keep the "flock" and the "lost" separated. Am I striving to seek and save the lost, or am I content to remain in the fold? He shouldn't have strayed anyway...

When we hear about Noah, we read about those who scoffed at him and his ark-building. But what about those who simply ignored him? What about those who avoided wrong, but didn't do right? They didn't make fun of the boat, but they didn't get on it, either.

Am I content in my own salvation, but unwilling to sacrifice self for the benefit of the Kingdom? Would I bear the audacity to keep this gift to myself?

But how do I help? How do I change the world?

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