Thursday, September 09, 2010

All About Attitude

How drastically different a day-in-review can be with a change in attitude! I was writing in my prayer journal last night – praises and requests – and noticed that virtually every one of my praises had some sort of "but" disclaimer.

"Great day!" I wrote. "Beautiful sunshine (but hot). Trip to town (but van broke down). Hammock time! (but spent all my time hanging it and no time in it). Zucchini bread! (but burned). Joint worship success (but rowdy students during song service)."

Imagine if I had been in a poor-me mood:
Hot. Van broke down. Wasted the afternoon searching for and braiding rope. An expected delectable treat turned out to be charcoal. Students started pushing one another instead of singing "I Have Decided".

A mindset is a powerful thing. Praise God for offering me a positive one...for FREE. Epic win.

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Olga Liz said...

Wow!!Totally true!!Thanks for sharing!