Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change is Constant

I hate when a simple plan goes awry.

I hate when my afternoon, planned to a T, turns to an O (I'm pretty certain that O is as far from T as you can get).

I hate when I'm inflexible, rigid, unyielding.

I hate change.



...and I hate that I can't change that.

I stared at the most beautiful full moon tonight, knowing that those dear to me will look at the very same moon in a few hours. I stood on the lawn, looking through a tiny window in the trees that perfectly framed the pale gold orb, arms crossed, feeling short on time and long on tasks. My eyes blurred as my mind wandered to the things I have to accomplish tonight. When they refocused, the moon had been partially hidden by branches. I moved forward slightly, reframing the celestial light, freezing the image in my mind. As I drank in the moment, I grew frustrated with the moon's path through the sky. I seemed to continually shift my position on the lawn to keep the moon in view. Just stay still!
You can't stop it, Jess. Time doesn't stop. Change is constant. But it isn't the only constant: I'm constant. Never changing before the ever-changing tide. I will be true to My agreement; the things which have gone out of My lips will not be changed. [Ps 89:34] I'm giving you opportunities to embrace change, to adapt to it, to learn how to deal with it. I love you. I know how to give you good gifts, even when you don't know to ask for them. Lean on Me – the Everlasting Arms.

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