Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Laws of Kenya

I've received all sorts of axioms and advice from the various faculty and nationals here.
  • Don't squish bugs; flick them.
  • Be careful when taking pictures of people. A Maasai could be insulted and/or demand payment.
  • Don't stop the car if you hit a pedestrian (you could be mobbed)
  • Toilet paper is valuable.
  • Never eat Kenyan cornflakes with warm milk (unless you like the taste of cat food).
Weirdioms of Kenya:
  • All of the electrical outlets have on/off switches.
  • Many of the nationals respond, "I'm fine" to a "Hello!" 
  • The salad dressing tastes like lemon with a bit of oil added. Woo-eeee! 
  • The country is fluorescent. Incandescent bulbs are few and far between.
  • Toads seem to be much more lively here. 
  • SPEED BUMP! ...every 6 feet.
Random happenings:
  • The Maxwell Handshake is one of the most fun introductions ever invented.
  • The Maxwell Hug isn't worth it.
  • I had haystacks (made with bland potato chips rather than Fritos) dumped on my foot.
  • I refereed a volleyball game after cramming all day to learn the rules. What a poser. 
  • A baby gecko – about 2 inches long – was visiting with Cassie and I in our apartment before it dropped its tail on my laptop. It is now approximately 1.25" long.
Other tidbits:
  • Maxwell's well water is safe to drink! Woohoo. And we even have a water-tastes-good filter in our apartment.
  • Shower = hot water! Provided we turn the water heater on before we shower. And the shower head is amazing! Way more water than any other dorm I've lived in.
  • THORNS. They are everywhere. Bushes, grass, feet, fingers, everywhere. Always wear shoes. Thick shoes. Maybe even steel-plated, kevlar-coated shoes.

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