Monday, November 01, 2010

Fighting Sleep

I had a long chat with fellow SM Tyson on the trip back from the Mara. We shared frustrations of feeling inadequate, unimportant, unadventurous. While Maxwell is in Kenya, it seems as though it was just transplanted from the U.S. with a plop. Everyone speaks English, Saturday night activities mirror those we did at our respective Adventist academies Stateside, and U.S. Government is one of the required courses in the curriculum. Our jobs keep us busy, but not as busy as we’ve been in college. We’re fighting against sleep, rather than fighting for it. How can what we’re doing really be important?

My very wise aunt, who served as a missionary in Russia for six years, offered this point of view:
I [have] realized that Missionary, to me, just means "Sent, with a Job To Do."…It didn't feel glorious, or special, but I was useful."

I've been sent. Time to get working.

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