Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

It all started with this post about my sisters. It's the holiday season. Holiday = family. Maybe I'll just skip the holidays...

I've never been so ready to cry over a mountain of mashed potatoes in my life.

I waited forever in line to get a plastic plate heaped with potatoes, gravy, gluten, sweet potatoes, and - wait for it - pumpkin pie with whipped cream. I turned to find a seat in the cafeteria reverberant with shouts and bellows and chairs squeaking across the floor, and found that the occupied tables were each filled to their four-person capacity. I found a seat at an empty table near the corner. When I raised my bowed head, I looked at the empty seats around me and the full plate before me and melted. I looked at the clock pronouncing twelve minutes until my next class and despaired.

He's determined to defeat you. Resist him; he'll flee.

I'm determined to let him lose.

I'm thankful to have traditions at home that I miss.
I'm thankful to have friends that understand me and still want to be my friend when I willingly put an ocean between us.
I'm thankful for the ability to call home from half the world away.
I'm thankful to have a family that I'd rather be with than away from.

The Stotz Family, December 2009

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The Hanaway Sisters said...

Hey Jess,
We're with ya!! Just wanted you to know that...
btw...i read through "you know you're a stotz girl" blog...SOOO funny.