Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Journal Entry

I've often wished that life here was tougher. I came expecting a situation that would push me beyond my limits and drive me closer to God, yet I landed in the American village of the African Epcot center. I have to escape the compound to even see Africa. My living conditions/amenities are more illustrious than I've ever had on my own: electricity, hot running water, hi-speed internet, supermarkets, cars, cell phones... Is this my mission field?

I wish I were worked harder; I'd have less time to think and ponder and mull. I really do have time on my hands, but I always seem to squander it. My first appointment is at 8:30 am. I'm not really running non-stop throughout the day (except Wednesday...)

I wish I had real things to complain about, like food or water or electricity or plumbing or cooking or, or anything. Instead, I just get grumpy.

I've been placed here for a reason. God didn't plan for me to rough it. He planned a place that was like home, so that I would learn to lean on Him in familiar situations. This is training for life.

But am I training lives?

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