Friday, November 12, 2010

Life at Maxwell Retirement Home

Welcome to today's edition of Life@MRH! Our guest writer today is Jessica (Room 4B).

Another day in the life @ MRH. We're pretty much in lockdown on the campus, though it is spacious enough for a nice walk, and the wildlife is plentiful. My room is attached to the main living center; I've done well enough to live on my own, sharing a kitchen area with a roommate! I have to wait for Town Day to load up in the facility's vehicle and get my town fix for the week (I haven't gotten my hair done yet, but the day will come).

The trespassing, toast-plucking,
breakfast gnawing perpetrator
In other MRH news, kitten Maxie pulled my toast from the toaster, gnawing on a corner of the slice and leaving it soggy, betraying her illegal trespassing on the kitchen counter. Talk about gumming food! We've placed a request for feline dentures.

Bingo! Everyone's favorite retirement game. Wednesday was the day! I was able to teach a whole new crop of future bingo-ers the ins and outs of the sport. To disguise it as a class activity, we used chemistry books and periodic tables. The students filled in the Bingo grid with symbols of chemical elements, and I called out the names. After a few bingos, we mixed it up (some had a hard time keeping up, but it keeps the mind sharp you know!) and filled in the grid with names while I called out the element symbols. Those young whipper snappers claimed they didn't have fun, but their rapt attention and excited, hand-waving "Bingo!"s betrayed their true feelings.
Our Element Bingo sheet

Future events in the Home: 
Wheelchair races down the hallway! Creating a hammock out of oxygen tubing and dangling from the ceiling to frighten the nurse! "Forgetting" to fasten the back of the hospital gown! Smiling at young children, without dentures in!

Life@MRH: Why live anywhere else?

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