Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slum Dog Millionaire

I'm overly rich. I was so abundantly blessed by our outreach trip to the Kibera slums today, I don't have much to say. Today was a day I'll relive when I'm toothless and suffering from senility; hopefully that's at least a half-dozen decades from now.

A group of about twenty students, eight faculty/staff, and over 300kg of clothing, flour, sugar, shortening, rice, & beans took a bus ride to the outskirts of the Kibera slums to distribute food and clothing to women and children who needed it most. We gave away bag after bag after box of goods, and received more than our fair share of smiles and giggles. There were a few bags of candy floating about too, but they dulled in sweetness compared to the bright eyes and huge grins on the faces of the kids who each had their own lollipop.

A picture's worth a thousand words...get ready for a six-digit word count.

Kibera slums' vast expanse of rusting tin roofs. Kibera is the second largest urban slum in Africa.
A dump just outside the slums. Trash is only slightly more concentrated here than throughout the city.
Children and mothers from Kibera sing songs and recite scriptures for the wazungu.
This will be in heaven. No doubt.
I fell in love...
Distributing flour, sugar, shortening, rice and beans to the families.
Lollipop! Show me your tongue...
Consolata (in pink) asked for my hair tie. A real commodity here, I guess.
Susan got my other hair tie. And a piece of my heart.

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