Sunday, April 17, 2011

An Apple a Day...

I've tutored a lot of subjects I'd never expected I'd teach before, but this was a first...

Cassie: I've never really learned how to eat an apple properly before.
Jess: [blank stare]
C: You know; biting it and eating the whole thing...
J: You don't know how to eat an apple???
C: No! I know how, it's just it's always been cut up before I eat it, ever since I was little. Then I had braces, so...
J: You've never eaten an apple whole before.
C: Yes I have! Just, it's, well, I'm not good at it.
J: Whoa. I, well, I never thought I'd see the day.
C: Whatever. I just can't take big bites like you.
J: I still don't understand. [crunch] Wait; I see your problem. You're trying to bite through the whole apple.
C: Well how else am I supposed to get the apple into my mouth?
J: Ok. Here is your apple-munching lesson. I've been in love with apples my whole life; you're lucky I'm here to teach you.
C: Ha! Ok.
J: First of all, don't bite through the apple; you have to twist the apple once you've sunk your teeth into it.
C: Huh?
J: Take a half-bite, then twist and pull! Arm action is very important to eating an apple.
C: [twists apple side to side, without success]
J: No no no! Twist and pull! Pull away! Watch... [exhibits expertise and finesse while chomping off a large bite]
C: Ahhhhh. [crunch]
J: Success! Great job.
C: I know how to eat an apple!! ...Hey kids, guess what I learned in Africa?
J: Haha!

C: how do I know when I've finished eating this? I don't want to eat the core.

(...oh boy.)

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