Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello, world.

I've realized that I generally blog when I'm experiencing strong feelings: anger, excitement, frustration, awesomeness.
Time for change.

I'm feeling... uh, well... hmm. Nothing, really. Not super happy, not sad, not upset, not overly exhausted; simply content. I'm eating Ola chips. I have 15 minutes before my next appointment - a music practice with piano, organ, violins, and chimes - and don't know what to do with myself. My iTunes is on shuffle, jumping between Jeremy Camp, Michael Bublé, and Bobby McFerrin. The cat just opened the door to my closet and crawled inside. Musa is mowing the lawn, and it smells good. I pause between each sentence to grab a chip, pop it in my mouth, and wipe my hand on my pants so I don't dirty my white MacBook keyboard (which is virtually impossible to keep clean, btw, especially in dusty Kenya). *crunch crunch crunch mmmmmmm*. It's Thursday.

Don't worry; be happy! When you worry your face will frown, and that will bring everybody down; so don't worry, be happy!
I'm grooving out in my desk chair; I consider my head-bobbing a cross between an ostrich and a peacock.

Cheese Crunch Olas aren't as good as Mexican Crunch Olas.... ooooh! Coldplay. Good song.

I generally try to say something worthwhile or thought-provoking or important in these blogs, but today, I don't feel like being important or worthwhile. I just feel content.

Ahhh! Chip down! it. *crunch*

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