Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Soli Deo Gloria

Soli Deo Gloria.

Three words meaning, "Glory to God alone".

J.S. Bach – a man fully devoted to serve God through music – inscribed the initials SDG at the end of each of his cantata scores, a reminder to himself and to those who perform his pieces to direct glory where it is due.

My Tribute.

Two words that make me grimace.

Andraé Crouch's familiar "To God be the Glory" piece should be an uplifting, encouraging thought, not one of nail-biting, teeth-gnashing anxiety.

My Tribute is one of a dozen songs in the MAA Chorale's repertoire, and the hardest song I am responsible to accompany. From the very first time I played through the piece, I've dreaded it. It's beyond my skill level; I've practiced and practiced and practiced for hours on end, yet I cannot seem to play it flawlessly.

To date, I've accompanied the choir on two performances of My Tribute. Neither has gone flawlessly. Actually, both were worse than my practices earlier in the day.

I wonder if I've let myself get in the way.

Because it is a difficult piece, I find myself thinking differently about it. When it comes time to perform, my mind wanders... This IS a pretty hard song; I wonder if anyone will notice how hard it is. I wonder if they'll know how hard I worked on it. I've worked pretty hard... Maybe someone will tell me I played well. Hmm. I hope I play well; they'll notice.

To God be the glory.

I've just received seven new pieces to learn in ten days.

Soli Deo Gloria.
Only the Great Teacher can help me learn this much this quickly.

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