Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Art of Busyness

To survive/thrive in today's world, you must master the art of busyness. You must look busy all the time, every day, or you will be confronted with comments such as,
"I wish it were my weekend off."
"I'm glad you have a night off! That's nice for you... Off to work I go!"

I hate looking busy. I feel like such a fake, a liar.

And by keeping up with the "over-worked" Joneses, I become exhausted. I don't want to give any more; after all, I'm very busy.

Sometimes, we're unwilling to truly pray about and give our problems to God. When I'm mired in the bog of self-pity, sometimes I'd rather wallow for a bit than ask to be pulled out immediately. Our society grants a sort of pride in being busy and stressed.
"I haven't slept for three days because of this project!"
"Yes, my THREE jobs keep me busy."
"Oh, yeah; 19 credits. And you're only taking 13? That must be nice."

If you're not overwhelmed (or at least "whelmed"), something's amiss. You're not working hard enough, fast enough, or on enough. Go go go. When we truly pray about our stresses, we know deep down inside that our stresses and woes will immediately be alleviated; we'll feel better. But we don't want to feel better. Crazily enough, we want to hold on to a wee little bit of that stress, of that problem. If we're struggling, it means we're working. Working means we're successful.

Give it up.
Stop acting busy.
Wearing many different hats seems impressive, but it just spreads you thin.
Give all your hats to the Godhead - the head that holds them all.

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