Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stewey the Spoon

Just another day on supervision:
A note of appreciation from Stewey the saved

B: Ms. Jessica, could you open the cafe for us?
J: Sure! I'll walk with you... Look what I found! A spoon. In that bush. An orphaned spoon.
I: *gasp*
B: Does it have a name?
J: Uh, yes. Stewey. I just made it up.
I: Ah, Stewey. Stewey the spoon.

J: Orphaned spoons should never be nameless.
B: Never... What's going to happen to Stewey?
J: I'm going to return him to the cafe, to find his parents!
B: A knife and a fork, right?
I: I think that would make a spork... or something.
J: I don't know. But I'm going to find them.
Jessica leaves Stewey on the dirty dishes counter and goes to help B&I with their project.
B: Where's Stewey?
J: I left him to be washed and returned to his parents.
B: Alone?!?!
J: Uh, well, he'll be washed and returned!
I: I can hear his crying.
J: But, um, I'm the president of the Spoon Society! I know this is the right thing to do.
B: I am the secretary of the Society! And you could be impeached for this.
J: Ok! I'll go get him and find the parents.
B: You'd better...
I: *giggles*

Some hours later...

B: How's Stewey doing? Hmm?
J: Oh, well, uh, he's doing fine.
B: Reunited with his parents?
J: I think so.
I: Do I hear him crying?

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