Saturday, April 09, 2011

Update #30: Wedded Bliss & Obsequious Pupils

I did my laundry on Sunday.
"This is way too much laundry," I thought. "I should do it more often so I don't have as much to do."

My laundry reminded me of email updates. Wonder why?

I had that laundry/email thought on Sunday. It's Wednesday. And I'm about 87.6% sure that I will not finish this update on Wednesday.

Hmm, what to say...
When we finished our story last time, Jessica was lingering somewhere between "I'm exhausted" and "sakdjkrejqwie" - the unintelligible mumbling resulting from burnout. Our story resumes with Jessica at the desk in her apartment. Facebook is open, music is playing, snack food is on her desk, and she's starting her nighttime push at 10:10p. Hello, due date for quarter 3 grades. (Quarter 3 is over??? How did that happen?) She spent all of her 42 minutes of free time today and 3 consecutive hours yesterday punching the piano. She removed lime scale from faucets in the science lab this afternoon using vinegar and elbow grease (now they're so very very shiny!!). She graded, she entered books into the library's computer database, she graded, she practiced.
Fast forward to Friday night (that's now - did I predict the post-Wednesday completion?). Piano punching is OVER... for now. 60 hrs of practice for 17 minutes of performance; the big Chorale vespers concert is finished, and so are Jessica's nerves, and fingertips, and patience. But that peace like a river is attending her way. Ahhhhh.
She feels so blessed to have the ability to enjoy music.


I envy married missionaries. (My missions chaplain just jumped in his chair; no, I haven't fallen in love with a local Maasai, though I could easily snag a hubby from the bush). There's something important about having your special someone, your companion, working with you when you're far from home. You have someone that you chose to love and like, someone who you know will be on your side, who cares for you more than anyone else. I miss that. I miss having people around that I
choose to hang out with.  I miss having someone who thinks I'm the most special. Selfish? Maybe. Perhaps I'm just a selfish lady. A selfish lady who's missing her people.

Well... maybe I've convinced myself. I'm going on safari on Sunday; I'll be sure to look my best so I can find a spouse with lots of cows.
Reception to be held in July.


Ok. Enough with the complaining. Are you sick of it too? Moving on...

I love my students!! They're nice to me... most days. Here are some nice comments I've gotten in the last couple days:

"I think you're my favorite teacher, Ms. Jessica!"

Me: "I'm assigning you to hang out with me for two hours this week for your friendship grade! ...ok, that'd be really creepy. Never mind."
Student: "Well, kinda creepy; but it'd be ok, cuz you're kinda... well, you're kinda cool."

"You're so weird! But it's a good, funny weird."

"How'd you get to be so cool? Hmm? How?"

"You're too cool to be a teacher."

Maybe they're just brown-nosing for a good grade, but I choose to think otherwise. :D


Laundry's done, it's Friday night, and Sabbath is here. Thanks so very much for your notes and prayers; I need them. Two months left is a tough thought to swallow; I love it here, but I love my family and friends more. Can't wait to see you all...

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Hannah said...

I think a lot of people envy married missionaries.

And one thing I know for sure is that no matter how much I miss some things here it could never be as much as I miss home pretty much every single day I'm here.