Wednesday, April 27, 2011


3:18p. Sophomore Lab Group A is coming to the 3:20 lab...
Ahh, I think. The cooperative group.
(We all know it's true; some students are easier to deal with)

After attendance is taken, prayer is prayed, the pre-lab is given, and we've headed to the lab room, Charmaine - star student of Filipino fame - still isn't present. Hmm... ill? I hope not.

I give the girls' dorm a call.

Charmaine comes to the phone, as chipper as ever.

C: What's up, Ms. Jessica?
J: Oh, just wondering where you are. We've started lab.
C: Wait. Sophomores?
J: Yeah. Your group. I was just wondering if you were sick or...
C: Agh! I forgot! It's... it's Wednesday! We have lab!
J: Yep! But if you come right now you can probably catch up.
C: Oh dear! Agh! Ay ay ay! I can't believe I forgot. I forgot!
J: It's all right. If you come now, all will be forgiven. I understand.
C: I mean, yeah, I was practicing music and, I, agh! I forgot! I'm so embarrassed right now... I'm glad I'm talking to you and not someone else!
J: Me too! We'll see you here in a couple minutes?
C: Yes! Yes! I'm coming right now. Agh!

Charmaine came, joined a group, and proceeded to help them finish on time. No problem.

After she turned in her assignment, she said,
"I think I know what grace is now."

Praise God for grace.

Charmaine (& Shaina)

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