Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skype Delay

Hello? Helloooooooo... Are you there? Mom?
Mom! Hey!
Jess? Jess, you there?
Mom, I'm here. Hello?
Hello? Jess! What took you so long to answer?

Hello, Skype delay; the all too familiar, all too common, altogether disliked friend of student missionaries everywhere.
Proper communication is virtually impossible when SD (Skype delay) is in attendance. Unless one has the attention span of a NASA physicist, conversation topics are easily dropped or forgotten. Conversations usually branch into three and four threads that overlap one another, and awkwardness ensues. Usually, conversations with SD are frustrating and cut short. After a year of Skype communication, face-to-face conversations are golden. Thoughts have never seemed to be conveyed so clearly, so effectively, so effortlessly.

Once upon a time, a bite from a fruit introduced SD (sin delay) to human-heavenly communication. Conversations and communication between these two parties are often sullied and stained by SD. All too often, the main point and purpose of the conversation is lost.
Face-to-Face conversations are going to be SWEET.

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Hannah said...

And the delightful dropped calls. I've never said hello so many times before in 8 months in my life.