Sunday, April 24, 2011

Update #32: Weekends of World Domination

Oh, blessed long weekend! 20 students, 10 faculty, and 4 days of chill time bliss. Students made a mass exodus for the MAA gate on Friday afternoon, some of them trapped on the MAA bus headed to Nakumatt for a town trip. I was trapped on this bus, front seat.

Across the aisle, in rows 1 and 2, were the Twins. Each had their  respective attaché of one, and both were talking at one hundred miles an hour while their seatmates smiled and nodded. I simply watched in amusement. An hour later, the four of us met up in Nairobi Java House  for a girls' date; I smiled. This weekend is going to be GREAT.


This week has been the best of the semester! I had nothing to prepare for this weekend, so all I had to do was plan/supervise/grade labs, supervise the library, sort books, teach PE, record stats for  intramural basketball games, and practice piano ...No, I'm not bored by any means. But I no longer feel like pulling my hair out.

This Tuesday, however, is something special. I refer to it as "something special" simply because I do not know exactly what it is. I do know that the whole school is going to attend, that it is at the
East-Central Africa Division headquarters, and that many GC bigwigs  will be there - namely Elder Ted Wilson, General Conference prezzo. Pretty cool, right? Yes. Well, mostly. Um, yeah. Hmm. MAA's music program will be heavily involved in the program, which means Jessica will be heavily involved in the program. I'm not super keen on the idea of flubbing my notes on the Clavinova in front of anyone, let alone suit-and-tie men who have heard Adventist choirs and bands the world over. Nope. Not my idea of fun. BUT this "something special" does get me out of classes for the day. :) That makes it all worth it, I think.


I LOVE long weekends at MAA. Most of the students that have to stick around are super fly to begin with, so being on duty gives me a very good excuse to interact with them. I've already had the coffeehouse date with girls, a corny joke session with another senior girl, and a long chat in the music building with Twin & Attaché 1.

Above: The damage.
Below: Why I'm afraid to brush my teeth.
And tonight is party night in Ms. Jessica's apartment! I've invited some girls for smoothies and chill time; however, not three hours after I decided to make smoothies, the cat decided to thwart my plan
of awesomeness by opening the cupboard door and lifting the blender above her head and throwing it to the floor below, shattering it into a million pieces - very Ten Commandments-esque, I believe. I think I'll send her to Sinai to find me a new blender.

Conniving little kitty.


Muahahaha! Ohhhhh, yes; I am going there. I will harness the rays of the sun, using them for my benefit and pleasure! You cannot dream of stopping me! By the time you've crossed the Atlantic, it will be too late! Muaha! Hahahaha!

Welcome to physics lab.

After procuring 21 cardboard boxes, a roll of cellophane, two rolls of tape, 30 square feet of black tagboard, and meters upon meters of aluminum foil from Nakumatt, I built my very own cardboard box solar cooker. However, before I built said solar cooker, I informed the  students that they would be building the same device.
Here's where we pray labs gleaned from the internet work.

I finally had the chance to put the cooker to the test today. I placed  the small box on the drive, angling it toward the brightest spot in the clouds. No sun. An hour later: clouds. Another hour... thunder. By
the afternoon, rain drops were plopping on the fragile cardboard. Oh boy.

When the sun came out at 4p, the oven got up to 80ºC (175ºF).
Well well well... I think I'll fashion my cape tomorrow. Anyone who plans to dominate the world needs a cape; obviously.

Lesson: It's impossible to do things without the S[u]n. But with the Light? BAM. Watch out, world.


Word of caution: If you do not hear from me in the next two weeks, it  is because the cat learned of my solar power plan and decided to thwart that, too. I fear she'll take things a step farther than the blender. If you doubt my suspicions, please visit this site.

Think lions, leopards, and cheetahs are the most dangerous cats in Africa?
Think again.

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